CityGuyd combines exciting new advancements in Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to provide travelers with a more convenient, affordable, and exciting tour guide experience. No matter where your next adventure takes you, our AR tour guides will be waiting to show you around!

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No more expensive personal tour guides, no more rigid schedules, and no more bulky travel books. CityGuyd provides travelers with an exciting new tour guide experience - right in the palm of their hands!

Location Based Content

We track GPS signals to ensure you receive only local content relevant to the sites you choose to visit. When you approach one of our tour spots, you’ll get a notification that our tour guide is ready to welcome you!

Social Media Engagement

Select locations feature famous tour guides to provide users with a little extra fun. Visit the Lincoln Memorial and watch as the 16th President himself pops up to show you around! Grab some awesome selfies with virtual Honest Abe and upload to Social Media for the folks back home!

Convenience For Travelers

All the knowledge of a travel guide book in the convenience of one app! Don’t spend time or money looking for a tour guide, you can travel at your own leisure. Arrive at your destination and open up our app – your guide is waiting for you!

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Multiple Languages

Coming Soon: Tour guides in multiple languages! Travelers come from all over the globe, and CityGuyd wants them to feel right at home. Tour choices will include guides that can speak with travelers in their native language, no matter where they’re traveling to!

Offline Accessibility

We love to travel ourselves, so we understand travelers may not have much network data or battery to spare. No worries! Just choose the sites you want to visit beforehand and pre-download our guide videos when connected to Wifi. This ensures you can always access our guided tour experience even when abroad!

Exciting AR Technologies

More than just telling you history, our tour guides will show it to you! Our guides incorporate AR in a manner that’s fun and exciting. Watch as George Washington himself shows you around D.C. and pulls out a real life copy of the Declaration of Independence!

Check out some of our AWESOME locations!

CityGuyd is currently undergoing beta testing in the Washington D.C. area. We are constantly expanding to new cities, so keep an eye out! Download from the Apple App Store today and check out some of our awesome augmented tours!

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Discover a new way to travel with CityGuyd - pack your bags, download our app, and lets hit the road. Our AR tour guides have lots to show you!
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